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2021-present: Mission Joy: Finding Happiness in Troubled Times, Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.

1/7/24: The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper: Miracle on the Hudson, CNN & Max.

9/6/21: The Hidden Brain podcast, with Shankar Vedantam, “Where Happiness Hides”; click here to listen

8/24/21: The Mindful Wealth podcast, “Money Matters, But Not As Much As We Think It Does”; click here to listen

2/14/21: Voice of America “Central News”; click here to watch

2/10/21: Seneca Women Podcast Network, iHeart Radio, “Here’s Something Good”; click here to listen

1/6/21: Spiritual Asshole podcast, with Brendan Fitzgibbons, “You Get Happier With Age”; click here to listen

11/4/20: CUNY-TV (NYC), “Simply Science”; click here to watch

10/9/20: “Chasing Happiness,” WHYY (Philadelphia); click here to listen

7/16/20: “Central Time,” Wisconsin Public Radio

4/29/20: The Economist Radio, Babbage podcast, “Beyond Immunity: What Can Help the Body Fight the Coronavirus”; click here to listen

4/25/20: CNBC Make It, “How Much Money Do You Need to Earn to Be Happy”; click here to watch

4/25/20: Positive Voices with Larry King and James Pawelski, “Coping With Covid”; click here to watch

4/24/20: On Wisdom podcast with Igor Grossman, “Pandemic Happiness”; click here to listen

4/16/20: BBVA (Spain) podcast; click here to listen

3/16/20: Voice of Islam; click here to listen

9/12/19: Pushkin Industries, The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos; click here to listen

6/13/19: Sirius XM 143/Salt Lake City 107.9 FM, “Top of Mind”; click here to listen

3/20/19: BBC North America, “BBC World News”

2/18/18: WROC-AM / Rochester, NY & WUTQ / Utica, NY; click here to listen

7/22/17: WRVO Public Media, “Take Care”; click here to listen

3/5/17: Michelle McQuaid; click here to listen

8/3/16: “Here We Are” with Shane Mauss, click here to listen

1/16/16: KNX-1070 / Los Angeles, Newsradio

1/16/16: WABC-AM / New York, “The Joan Hamburg Show”

10/7/15: RadioMD, “Naturally Savvy”; click here to listen

10/9/15: Radio Health Journal

8/6/15: BreakThru Radio, “Third Eye Weekly”; click here to listen

7/8/15: NBC-TV, “The Today Show”; click here to view

7/2/15: WILS-AM 1320 / Lansing, MI, “Capital City Recap”

12/10/14:  NPR, WHYY (Philadelphia), “Radio Times”; click here to listen

12/5/14: Talk 910 / San Francisco, CA

10/13/14: AM 770 / Calgary, CANADA, “Calgary Today”

7/25/14: CCTV-America, “Full Frame”; click here to watch

7/15/14: Slate, “The Gist”; click here to listen

6/15/14: CNN News; click here to watch

4/16/14:, “The Coaching Show”; click here and here to listen

3/1/14: KPFK-FM 90.7, “Free Forum With Terrence McNally”; click here to listen

2/7/14: WRVA-AM / Richmond, “Richmond’s Morning News”

2/5/14: Radio Satellite Tour — check local listings for:

2/4/14: WBZ-AM / Boston, “J Talking Radio Show”

10/22/13: WCEV / Chicago, “Radio Islam”; click here to listen

8/1/13: KUER-FM / Salt Lake City, “RadioWest”

4/29/13: AMI Media, “Contact”; click here to listen

3/9/13: WGBH 89.7, “Innovation Hub” with Kara Miller; click here or here to listen

3/7/13: AMAZ-TV, “Morning Scramble”; click here to view

2/21/13: KINK-FM 101.9, “Speaking Freely”; click here to listen

2/19/13: National Public Radio, “Morning Edition”; click here to listen

2/4/13: CBS Radio Network, “Science Today”

2/4/13: Sirius XM, “Michelangelo Signorile Show”

1/30/13: KATU-TV, “AM Northwest”; click here to view

1/27/13: “Big Think,” expert video; click here and here to view

1/27/13: “Nerd Your Way to a Better Life,” Advice Goddess Radio; click here to listen

1/23/13: WILS-AM 1320/ Lansing, MI, “Capital City Recap”

1/23/13: WCCO-AM/ Minneapolis, “The Nite Show”

1/21/13: FOX KTTV-LA, “Good Day L. A.”; click here to view

1/16/13: WPOC 93.1, “Laurie DeYoung Morning Show”; click here to listen

1/16/13: Radio Satellite Tour — check local listings for:

1/14/13: The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, “Conversations With Great Minds”; click here to view Part I and Part II

1/14/13: Wall Street Journal Radio Network, “Market Wrap with Moe”

1/10/13: Arthur Kade; click here to view

1/9/13: Southern California Public Radio, “AirTalk,” with Larry Mantle; click here to listen

1/7/13: WCHER 1520 AM, “Libby’s Luncheonette”

1/5/13: blogtalkradio, “Kardec Radio”; click here to listen

1/4/13: FOX-TV, “Fox & Friends”; click here to view

1/4/13: WPR, “Veronica Rueckert Show”

1/3/13: National Public Radio, “The Diane Rehm Show”; click here to listen and see transcript

1/2/13: NBC-TV, “The Today Show”; click here to view

10/11/12: ABC-TV, “Katie” (Katie Couric show); click here to view

7/19/12: BBC Radio 4’s “All in the Mind”; click here to listen

5/15/12: News Talk 650 CKOM (Saskatchewan, Canada), “The Richard Brown Show”

4/9/12: KCRW-FM Public Radio (Santa Monica, CA), Warren Olney’s “To The Point”

1/6/12: The Edge with Tom Smith; click here to listen

1/6/12: NBC-TV, “The Today Show”: click here to view

12/27/11: Newstalk 1010 (Toronto), “Live Drive”

12/25/11: blogtalkradio, “Advice Goddess Radio”; click here to listen

8/7/11: Al Jazeera English (TV)

6/3/11:, “Thrive!”

12/19/10: WFYI Public Radio (Indiana), “Sound Medicine”

11/6/10: KRNT 1350 AM (Des Moines), “The Unsecret Shopper”

10/30/10: KFWB 980 AM (Los Angeles), “Sound Advice”

10/8/10: Columbia radio affiliates, “Los Originales” radio show

10/6/10: Business Matters radio (Chicago), “Are We Better Off?”

9/17/10: Genesis Communications Network, “The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show”

5/28/10: WCPN 90.3 FM (Cleveland), “The Sound of Ideas”

5/9/10: SIRIUS Satellite Radio, “The Graham Bensinger Show”

4/20/10: Radio City 89.3 FM (BBC Ecuador)

4/10: WKNU 89.7 (Cincinnati National Public Radio)

4/9/10: SIRIUS Satellite Radio, “The Graham Bensinger Show”

4/5/10: “The Dr. Oz Show” (syndicated TV)

3/26/10: WNYC (NYC National Public Radio), “The Leonard Lopate Show”

3/2/10: “Think Fit” from; click here to listen

2/22/10: WLW Cincinnati, “The Early Morning Show with Jim Scott”

1/6/10: PBS documentary series “This Emotional Life”; click here to download and view

12/7/09: Science Today (CBS radio), “A Study Focuses on People’s Responses to Depression”; click here to listen

12/1/09: Radio Free Europe (Russian Service)

11/26/09: KGO radio (San Francisco/ABC) afternoon news

11/23/09: Charles Adler (14 stations in Canada) radio show

11/9/09: “The Dr. Oz Show” (syndicated TV)

10/31/09: Sirius Satellite Radio/XM, “Deepak Chopra’s Wellness”

9/4/09: WHRV 89.5 FM, “HearSay”

4/10/09: WPRO 99.7 FM/630 AM, “Positive Living”

1/2/09: KTLA Morning News (Channel 5)

12/26/08: KQED, Northern California Public Radio, “Forum”

12/11/08: Charles Adler (14 stations in Canada) radio show

7/16/08: CNBC-TV, “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”

7/15/08: CAZT/Cable 13-TV Arizona, “Books That Matter”

6/26/08: CJAD Montreal & CFRB Toronto, “Holder Tonight”

5/2/08: KQED, Northern California Public Radio, “Forum”

4/17/08: Channel News Asia, “Primetime Morning”

4/5/08: American Public Media, “Weekend America”

4/3/08: Southern California Public Radio, “Patt Morrison”

4/3/08: 938LIVE, “Talkback & Breakfast Club”

3/24/08: CBS Radio Network, “Science Today”

3/17/08: Business Talk Radio, “The Business Shrink”

3/15/08: WFAS-FM, “Here’s to Your Good Health with Dr. Harris”

3/10/08: CBS Radio Network, “Science Today”

3/3/08: CBS Radio Network, “Science Today”

3/3/08: Southern California Public Radio, “AirTalk,” with Larry Mantle

2/27/08: WCBQ-WHNC-AM, “Alvin Jones Show”

2/24/08: KOIT-AM, “Positive Parenting,” with Armin Brott

2/22/08: Sirius Satellite Radio, “Be Happy Dammit”

2/22/08: KCBS-KCAL-TV, “12 Simple Steps To Be Happy”; click here to view

2/18/08: National Public Radio, “On Point”

2/18/08: CBS Radio Network, “Science Today”

2/15/08: Inspiration Network, “Danny Fontana Show”

2/15/08: Sirius Satellite Radio/XM, “Deepak Chopra’s Wellness”

2/11/08: Strand Media Group, “Something You Should Know”

2/11/08: CBS Radio Network, “Science Today”

1/31/08: Oprah & Friends XM 156, “The Jean Chatzky Show”

1/28/08: Sirius Satellite Radio, “Out Q in the Morning with Larry Flick”

1/27/08: “The Allen Hunt Show”

1/19/08: Sirius Satellite Radio, “Outdoor Fitness with Tina Vindum”

1/11/08: ABC-TV, “20/20”; click here to view

1/9/08: ABC News NOW

1/9/08: ABC Radio Satellite Tour — check local listings for:

1/8/08: ABC-TV, “Good Morning America”; click here to view

1/8/08: GMA Now


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